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Southern Maryland Express, LLC (SME) is established and operated out of Lexington Park Maryland, one of the most southern areas in Maryland.

SME owners identified a significant need to provide a shuttling services that would help reduce the stress of individuals traveling to and from airports who resided on the outskirts and rural areas of Baltimore and Washington DC.

Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) is approx. 85 miles and Ronald Reagan National (DCA) Airport is roughly 65 miles away.

SME mission is to provide upscale quality transportation services to every client. The services provided are safe, affordable and convenient.

SAFE–Providing secure transportation is an SME priority! All of our drivers are processed through Transportation Compliance and trained according to the US DOT standards.

AFFORDABLE- Pricing was designed at a comfortable rate in order to be appealing to all of our travelers.

CONVENIENT–With a click of a button your SME Customer Support Representative is available to help with your shuttle reservation. However, if you would like to personally speak to a SME Customer Support Agent please call Monday -Friday 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. at 1-888-31-Express (1-888-313-9773).

Forget about all the traffic and parking. Leave the driving to us.

You will have an amazing riding experience.

Southern Maryland Express

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Our Services

Southern Maryland Express offers two types of airport shuttling service

Ride-Sharing Service

We have specially designed ride-sharing service to keep it affordable for our customers. A comfortable passenger van will take you to your destination.

Ride-Alone Service

You can even enjoy a peaceful ride alone in a private sedan for those who want personal transportation.



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